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Polaris Business Solutions has collaborated with Acumatica to develop specialized functionality for the asphalt industry’s price index formulas. This functionality empowers users to incorporate current price index data into their pricing strategies within Acumatica, creating a standardized pricing approach. These dynamic pricing adjustments can be easily managed within the Acumatica system, significantly enhancing the quoting, invoicing, and revenue recognition processes.

Creating a Project Quote: The journey towards efficient pricing begins by creating a project quote within Acumatica:

  • Select a Business Account: Users can choose a business account, including customer details such as contact information, location, address, and billing information.
  • Base Index Selection: Users also specify the base index and relevant bid-related information.

Estimation Tab: Under the estimation tab, users provide additional details:

  • Inventory Item: Select the inventory item relevant to the project.
  • Quantity: Specify the quantity required.
  • Unit Price: Define the unit price.

Project Approval: Once the quote is approved by the customer, users can seamlessly convert it into a project.

Reviewing the Project: Navigate to the projects screen to view all project-related information:

  • Comprehensive Overview: Access project quote details, location, budget, billing settings, change orders, and equipment requirements.
  • Revenue Budget: The revenue budget tab displays task-related information, including original budgeted amount and quantity, revised quantities, and amounts. Invoice amounts are automatically adjusted based on the price index.

Creating an Invoice: The next step is to create an invoice for the project’s products:

  • Quantity Entry: Users enter the quantity of products to be billed.
  • Integration with Scale System: Quantity updates are seamlessly integrated with a scale system.

Price Index Calculation: The pricing calculation takes into account various factors:

  • Current Index: Based on the invoice date.
  • Base Index: As specified during project setup.
  • Percent Asphalt: Product-specific information.
  • Index Adjustment: The calculation reveals any escalation or de-escalation, ensuring accurate invoicing.


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