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Formerly Microsoft Dynamics-Solomon, Microsoft Dynamics SL is a customizable ERP solution that allows businesses to meet and exceed their goals. Ideal for project-based or service-driven companies, this accounting and management software gives users control over a wide variety of business functions, such as cash flow management and accessing real-time data. More than 300,000 businesses in construction, government contracting, professional services, distribution, and other industries have taken advantage of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Polaris Business Solutions has more than 15 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics SL and can tailor it to meet your specific business needs. Whether you’re new to this ERP software or looking to get more out of it, we can work with you to customize reporting tools, modify the software’s open architecture to maximize your return on investment, and easily connect project management and accounting throughout your company. Because we work with companies for the entire lifecycle of the ERP, we’ll be there to provide the level of training you need to get started, and remain connected with you to provide the support you want, when you need it.



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Allow us to help you optimize your software usage. After a brief system review, we can determine how to get the most out of your software system. Whether it’s increasing functionality, more intensive training for staff, or assistance with reconciling costs, we’ve helped numerous businesses maximize their performance with Microsoft SL, even if the system has already been in place for years.

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Check out our FAQ section for information, download the PDFs below, or contact us so we can begin developing a customized plan for you.



NEW Features of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Multi-Company Processing: Project processes and project reports have been enhanced for customers operating across more than one company. Processes and reports are no longer restricted to the current company, but can now be run for any company from just one login.

Multi-Currency Project-Based Currency: Both the company-based currency and the project currency are stored for project transactions. In situations where the currencies differ, project transactions will be traced in both currencies, enhancing reporting options.

Enhanced AP, AR and Payroll Options: Making prepayments against a single voucher, previewing invoices prior to release, and tracking changes made to deductions, tax tables and employee pay information are just a few of the financial enhancements in SL 2015.

New reporting enhancements focus on the everyday accounting user while expanding the availability to the non-accounting user. Support has been added to allow for unlimited report formats and the creation of refreshable excel tables to analyze your data.


NEW Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps

In addition to the CU1 features in SL 2011, Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps will include:

  • Project Communicator
  • Project Timesheet Entry
  • Project Maintenance and Inquiry
    • Billing Information Maintenance
    • Project Maximums Maintenance
    • Address Maintenance
    • Contract Value and Revenue Information
    • Percent Complete and Revenue Recognition Setup
  • Budget Revision Maintenance, Approval, Inquiry and Analysis
  • Budget Maintenance and Inquiry
  • Project Delegations Approval
  • Project Invoice Approval
  • Item Request Entry and Approval


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