Polaris Business Solutions

An extension of our core business of developing, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting software solutions from Microsoft Dynamics SL and Acumatica, Polaris Business Solutions’ hosting service is well-suited for companies seeking to run their ERP, accounting, or other business-critical software on a cloud-based platform – as opposed to running and maintaining your own servers.


Polaris Hosting Service

Put your server stress to bed with Polaris Business Solutions remote hosting service.

Hosting with Polaris offers these, among other, advantages

  • Lower “IT” costs – Information technology is oftentimes not a core competency of many businesses. By moving software and server management outside, your business can reduce their “IT” costs or render them more predictable, eliminate headaches, and focus on your mainline business.
    • Scalability – Especially for smaller or growing businesses, needed server capacity, bandwidth, and speed can fluctuate and evolve, making it difficult (and costly) to predict and purchase the right hardware. By ‘leasing’ space in the cloud through Polaris, servers can be added (or even scaled back) to stay in step with demand, web traffic, or common business fluctuations; you reduce the risk of purchasing and maintaining equipment that can quickly become obsolete; and, with Polaris Hosting, our customers can establish a ‘hybrid’ approach of in-house and cloud-based servers to migrate to the cloud gradually – or choose between a privately held or “public” server farm (such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure).
  • Superior security – In the face of ever-evolving security environment, Polaris’ hosting service increases confidence, thanks to added protection, automatic server software updates (no need to track and manage updates, patches, and upgrades in-house), robust back-up power, and well-defined/documented disaster recovery.

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