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SQL Server 2019 Now Available for Dynamics SL 2018

Microsoft Dynamics announced today that SQL Server 2019 is now available from the Dynamics SL price list.  SQL Server 2019 is unified only with Dynamics SL 2018.  So, you can NOT run it with SL 2015.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tracking Project Budget Overruns in Acumatica

Beginning with Acumatica ERP 2019 R2, the system will check as users are entering documents against the cost budget of a project, taking into account what is remaining on the budget and warn users of the situation. A new inquiry screen is also available to review all the overruns.


Acumatica 2019 R2 Now Available

Acumatica has announced the 2019 R2 release is now generally available. This continues Acumatica commitment to provide two upgrades a year and with over 100 improvements and new features there is something in this update for everyone. Most improvements came as suggestions from customers, developers and partners. Here are just a few highlights of the new release:


Five Reasons to Migrate to Cloud-based Accounting Software

Whether it’s a hosted approach (where you run your traditional accounting software on a remote, web-accessible server) or an SaaS solution (here, an outside vendor sells you access to their software, which accumulates, stores, manages, allows you to analyze your financial data) – there are, pun intended, a host of reasons to take a hard look at the cloud. And lest you assume we’re biased, I’ll just point out Polaris is an integrator that has long experience with, and a deep appreciation of, both traditional, on-premises accounting software and the new breed of web-based solutions. So, it’s with a legitimate measure of objectivity that we can enumerate our top five reasons to migrate your accounting function to the cloud.


Acumatica Screens Not Loading with Chrome v76

Acumatica recently announced an issue with Google Chrome Version 76 that will prevent the main screen (or any screen) from displaying any data in Acumatica.  There is both a workaround and a fix for this issue.


Dynamics SL 2018 CU2 Is Now Available

Microsoft has released Dynamics SL 2018 Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) and it is now available for download. Below is a summary of some of the enhancements:


Acumatica vs. Dynamics SL : Project Setup

Microsoft Dynamics SL has always had a strong reputation for project accounting going back decades.  Project Maintenance and the setup of the Project Controller module help define how Dynamics SL will function and is key to any successful implementation.  Acumatica provides its users project functionality as well, so how do the main setup options compare with Dynamics SL?


Acumatica 2019 R1 Now Available

Acumatica has announced the 2019 R1 release is now generally available. This continues Acumatica’s commitment to enhance the product with two major updates a year. Platform usability, general business applications and industry specific enhancements highlight the areas in this release. Some of the improvements are highlighted below:


Acumatica vs. Dynamics SL : Project Allocations

Microsoft Dynamics SL has always had a strong reputation for project accounting going back to the Smith, Dennis and Gaylord (SDG) days. One area that was always a differentiator was the Allocator module. With the Allocator module users are able to calculate and post new transactions to post to the GL and to the project. These transactions may apply indirect costs, like fringe and overhead, calculate fees and revenue or create asset entries to WIP, CIP or Unbilled A/R.

So how does Acumatica’s functionality compare to Dynamics SL’s for project allocations? We take a look at some areas below:


Acumatica Summit 2019 Day Two

Jon Roskill, Acumatica’s CEO, started off Day Two focusing on Acumatica’s R&D initiatives, which can be carried out by the fact that 74% of all employees work in R&D. This focus is what makes Acumatica a fun company to partner with and the day was filled with a look at near and not too distant future.