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Are you in Technolody debt


You might have heard the term Technology Debt buzzing around, and thought to yourself, well what is that, and maybe even thought, that’s not good. But what exactly is Technology debt?


Technology debt is defined as a software problem that may lead to hidden costs, substantial technology failures in the future, or eroding productivity that may not be evident until it is very costly to fix. Like with most things, there is good and bad with technology debt, but regardless of that, it does have an impact on your business.

There is intentional and unintentional technology debt. There are ways to overcome technology debt and even ways to prevent it from happening in the future, and this all sounds good and well, but you probably are still very confused. Luckily we do have some ways to help you below, with a couple of blogs and a whitepaper that really breaks down what technology debt is, and how to manage it.


To learn more about technology debt, click the links below, or email us at info@polaris-business.com!

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