Polaris Business Solutions

 Choosing the right consulting firm is just as important as choosing the best ERP solution for your business… 


Polaris Business Solutions operates with a firm commitment to providing excellent service and support. Most businesses don’t know where they can be more efficient and what the true capabilities of their ERP systems are.  Our goal is to help customers identify their business challenges and provide a solution that fits.  Polaris Business Solutions has extensive consulting experience and can help you realize the potential of your current or future ERP system.


3 Reasons to Choose Polaris Business Solutions as your ERP consultant:



Is your ERP software causing a bottleneck in your business processes?

Are you using tools outside of your software to get the reporting you need?

Are users saying, “I do it this way because that’s how the system makes me do it” ?

In order to have a clear understanding of where your business stands, your ERP system and business processes must be in sync.  If you find you are relying on outside tools, like Microsoft Excel, to get the job done you may be missing key elements in order to evaluate your business properly.  At Polaris Business Solutions, our approach is to align business processes with your current ERP system.



Would you like easier and greater visibility into your business operations?

Is your current ERP vendor living up to your expectations?

Do you need someone with a higher level of expertise in your industry?

With years of experience, Polaris Business Solutions’ consultants have a deep understanding of the processes and technologies involved within the ERP world.  To be successful in this business, we understand that we cannot be and do everything for everyone.  We have a clear focus on Microsoft Dynamics SL and Acumatica ERP solutions, meaning we are dedicated to providing knowledgeable insight on the ins and outs of both systems and we will find and tailor the best solution for your needs.  From implementation through to on-going support, we provide expertise throughout the entire life-cycle to deliver successful outcomes to our customers!



Are you wondering, “Should we be doing something differently?”

Is your business evolving while your ERP is remaining static, resulting in decreased efficiency?

Do you worry that your ERP solution is preventing your company from growing?

Making an investment in your new or current ERP software can be stressful.  But is not making an investment causing you to lose money?  Not only is your ERP supposed to save you time, but more importantly it should be saving you money.  If you are not using your system correctly, it’ hard to see results.  Our goal is to make data entry convenient, producing reports simple, and tailor your system to ensure you are receiving the highest return on investment possible.



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