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Aculoan is a complete loan management and information software program designed to work entirely within the Acumatica platform. The types of finance loans that Aculoan is designed to handle are finance agreements, student loans, buy now pay later, and so much more.

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Aculoan Administration

The administration of loan accounts created in the Aculoan system is straightforward as all the information needed to manage the loan account is in one location. The loan record will contain all the necessary information gathered during the origination process and will log into the loan account. Interest calculated on a loan can be calculated on the daily balance, capitalized, restructured, or changed right in the loan account.

In addition, there are several reports that can be run within the Aculoan dashboard for ease of access.
Aculoan for Acumatica can take away much of the back and forth between several systems. Your loan book can be easily managed within one system creating the necessary link between your loan accounts and accounting system.


Payments in Aculoan

In Aculoan there are two types of payments that can occur. Loan payments can either be in the form of a debtor or a creditor. Debit payments can create a collection batch for bulk processing, or users are able to download a file from their bank to process these payments. Credit orders can automatically be posted to entries in Acumatica and make direct payments into a bank account.

One important reporting feature in Aculoan for payments and collections is the Age Analysis report. This report allows users to see which loan accounts have fallen behind and can start their follow-up process.


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