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Acumatica is an ERP software that can suit the needs of many different industries and companies. The main industries that Acumatica serves are Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, and General Business. Within Acumatica, the platform can be configured in many different ways to work specifically for each industry.

Specifically, for the construction industry, there are many different ways Acumatica can be configured. The construction edition of Acumatica has many features that make it industry-leading:

  • Opportunities, contracts, scheduling, and budgets are all on one screen
  • Ability to manage change orders and project documents in one area
  • Track labor and time for a project while managing schedules within one area for great usability

Above the screenshot shows how to enter a quote in the project quoting screen of Acumatica. On this screen, users can see many different aspects of the project quote, which is a great benefit of Acumatica.

Not only does Acumatica allow users to manage any construction project-based needs on one screen, but users can also easily manage financials for projects within the construction-based accounting workspaces. Tasks such as forecasting for projects, payroll, percentage complete of a project, and many others are completed in the financial workspace of Acumatica for Construction.

The Acumatica platform provides a mobile solution for those who travel to job sites. Within the mobile solution is a built-in photo log for projects, time card submission, and reporting. This creates ease of access for users and flexibility for everyone needing to input data into Acumatica.

Are you interested in how Acumatica for Construction can help transform your business? Please contact Polaris Business Solutions at info@polaris-business.com.

Who is LeaseQuery?

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What is LeaseQuery? It is a lease accounting software made by accountants for accountants. LeaseQuery provides the calculations and functionality that are necessary to comply with reporting standards.


Top 5 Blogs: 2021

2021 Top 5

As the year draws to a close we take a look back at some of the blogs we posted. Here are our Top 5 Blog posts this year!


Autonomous Endpoint Protection with SentinelOne


Technology has changed a lot over the last couple of decades, but one thing that remains consistent is hackers. Traditional security software looks for something that is known – which means your protection is good until hackers ultimately use enough masking techniques to bypass security software. Recently a new type of technology has become available that analyzes behavior to identify suspicious activity on execution. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) monitors for these types of activities to prevent them from spreading. SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) offers organizations real-time, unified endpoint protection that unifies prevention, detection, and response in one platform managed via a single console.


Who is Acumatica?


Who is Acumatica? A lot of the focus usually goes on what a company like this does or what it can provide. What makes Acumatica different from other companies is that it goes beyond just what services it provides.

Acumatica was founded in 2008 in the city of Bellevue, WA. The company quickly grew and received recognition almost right away. In 2009 on-premises and SaaS software versions were released and then in 2010 distribution software came into play. Shortly after they were beginning to receive awards, and the company that you know today, was getting a name for itself. Acumatica is currently the fastest-growing Cloud ERP Company with offices all over the world in countries like Thailand, South Africa, and the UK.

The founders of Acumatica are Mike Chtchelkinogov and Solomon Software co-founders Serguei Beloussov and John Howell. Jon Roskill, the CEO of the company pushes the company to provide, and to grow. This means for each person in the company, and for each customer of the company.

Some of the recognition Acumatica has received dates back to 2012 when the company was named a Top 100 Global Finalist by Red Herring, and later on also being first in the Top 20 Coolest Cloud Vendors by CRN. Acumatica has been the best software publisher that we have worked with. They go above and beyond to meet needs, exceed expectations, and dive headfirst into the technological advancements in our time. We trust Acumatica and know that they are a company that will continue to succeed.

Acumatica 2021 R2 New Feature Review: Visibility of Project Transactions

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With Acumatica 2021 R2 we can now limit the visibility of certain account groups to a group of users. This means we can limit users’ ability to drill down into a labor account group so they can’t see other employees’ hourly rates and wages. Other users may have different rights that would allow them to drill down and see this information.


Acumatica 2021 R2 Overview

Acumatica 2021R2

Last week Acumatica had its launch event for 2021 R2. This is the second software update in their biannual product update. Here are some key features:


Acumatica 2021 R1 New Feature Highlight: Company Groups

Blog 39

In previous versions of Acumatica, you could restrict access to a customer or vendor record to a selected branch or company. But, sometimes you may have multiple related companies that may need access to that customer or vendor. In 2021 R1 Acumatica introduced “Company Groups” to resolve this.